SportSync Radios with delays one second apart in sequence

And I Will Always Forever ... (1 Hour)

Orange Coast College Special Project Space, October 2017
Altered version of Whitney Houston’s “And I Will Always Love You,” edited to loop for one hour in the final chorus.

This is an experimental staging of the auditory experience as it is deployed in designed commercial environments (supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, and so on), instances where music becomes noise, and noise becomes music.

If change is the only universal constant, then to maintain a feeling “always” is impossible; in a negation of that idea, this installation models an environment of emotional sounds that repeat, seemingly forever. As the song cycles for more than an hour, the lyrics divorce from meaning.

The particularly evocative quality of Whitney Houston’s voice exists outside time. Although the song was an environmental constant during its initial release and is still in rotation on ClearChannel stations nationwide, it retains an emotional resonance. It brings to mind the commercial exploitation of the singer as a person, and the nature of celebrity as a kind of immortality through mechanical reproduction.