Shapes for the
Deep Unrest

UCI Thesis Show
May 2017

Cul-de-sac, poster rack, 80 prints. 84"x 60"x 24"

This work is an intimate viewing of a series of photographic images displayed in sequence; a looping sound installation co-exists in the rear of the gallery.

The viewer is encouraged to flip through the images casually; there, they may see a lifetime collection of perfume bottles; a set of 31 gumballs faded by the sunlight; satellite dishes sprouting like plants, and other such things. The images are meant to be curious and strange, each one demanding time for the pleasure of
“just looking.”

Faithfull Candle. Miniature flickering l.e.d. candle connected to a miniature plug, to a miniature power strip, to an electrical converter and a full-size extension cord.
1” x 50’
A barrier wall of acoustic panels encloses and holds the sound in the back of the space.

Cul-de-sac. Various image manipulations; pigment prints on matte paper. 30” x 40”